What is eCanuks?

Here is what we can help you with:

No fees. No risk.

SEO-Ready & Mobile Friendly

    • Nearly 60% plus searches are now from a mobile device

    • Your site will be adaptive i.e will adjust as per the device used

    • Search engine optimization will help your site pops up in searches

    • You can highlight keywords to further narrow down on your customers

Sell To The World

How about hiring a salesman for 24/7? Sell to the world, even when you are sleeping, you eCommerce website will do the job! Time has come to achieve your dreams.

PCI Certified Security

    • All credit cards are accepted

    • Global transaction enabled

    • Secure and safe

    • Complete reporting

Multilingual & Translation Ready

Speak your customer’s language, eCanuks can translate your site into other languages your customer speak, increasing your reach.

eCanuks Elements

    • Get online in no time.

    • Build eCommerce enabled website and start selling

    • Access mobile customers with all device website

    • Sell through iOs and Android mobile apps

    • Modern design and themes

    • Support available

First-Class Support &
extensive documentation

    • Friendly and prompt customer service

    • We speak your language, and will help you get started

    • 12/7 services and quick response

    • Call back facility, if required we will call back

    • Expert feedback

Regular Updates
with new valuable features

    • eCanuks will continue to introduce new features

    • Regular updates to all web tools, so you site stays updated

    • Modern iOS and Android apps with regular updates

    • Updated security features

Own Your Own URL

Own your own URL–change it to Doman
Own your own domain, it will be an asset for your business. We will help you get one!

Plans starting as low as $1 a month.

No matter your business size, we’ve got you covered.

Customers Love eCanuks!

but don’t just take our word for it

It was quick and simple to make my ecommerce site and I loved the support I was given


Fashion Furniture

Its so cheap! I did not have to pay one time but paid monthly, so I can earned from my online business and make it grow.

I was confused and called them, they helped me all the way to get my site up in less than 24 hours.