SEO-Ready (Google & Other Search Engines)

If your website ranks higher on Search, it means more traffic for your website, resulting in more sales.

Get your brand known.

Search aide to approximately 75% of the traffic onto the website. Our team helps you prepare your website for Search engines and keeps building it to your site starts ranking higher and higher when the right keyword are searched by the users. It's a comprehensive teamwork that work at improving your search ranking, it does not happen overnight and needs a consistent effort to generate the ranking. The process is as follows:

  • We audit your site for key SEO features, recommend improvements. If a site is made using eCanuks, you have the advantage of forgoing this step, as eCanuks sites are all pre-audited.
  • We will review the content on the website, if required, tweak it to benefit search.
  • Highlight keywords, against which ranking needs to be done.
  • Team starts working on OnSIte and Offsite features of the site.
  • Define Site map.
  • Define geographical area to concentrate on.
  • Commence work, manage reporting.
  • Evolve and excel the process.

Custom SEO Packages

We are a one window solution and fulfill all your needs. Get a custom design that’s unique to your brand and responsive to your customers’ shopping needs. If they are searching for products, and you have, your website should be part of their search.

Design Packages  

SEO Friendly Web Architecture

The web themes are made keeping in mind the architecture required for SEO and keyword density.

Design add-ons  

Responsive ecommerce themes

Mobile plays an extremely important role in generating traffic onto your website. The themes adapt as the screen size changes and fit in all the screen sizes, devices and browsers.

Free ecommerce themes  

Product Pages

Each product has pages with their descriptions and details that are required for web search crawlers to index the page. This helps in a higher ranking on search engines and great traffic.

Free ecommerce themes  

Keyword Density & Blogs

Writing content on the website and having the right amount of keyword density greatly helps in the search. In the package, blogging is also included, which helps keeps the website current and new content keeps its higher in ranking.

Responsive ecommerce themes  

Mobile ecommerce Themes

Get a custom design that’s unique to your brand and responsive to your customers’ shopping needs.

Mobile Themes  

Getting Started?


Make an online splash with a slick, responsive website built by eCanuks experts.

It’s perfect whether you’re starting out or have a small website that needs updating.

Starting at PKR 10/month*

*Fee Domain included

multi features

Building your online footprint

Building your online footprint

Give the Online leverage to your business

Build your Website

Build your web presence in 10 minutes with less than PKR, 200/month! It is quick and easy. Get all the services you need to go online from eCanuks. We will help you build your website or eCommerce webstore and help you optimize it too.

Build Traffic onto your Website

Our Search Engine Optimization services will help build traffic onto your site, help you own keywords that will generate business leads and sales.

Be present on Social

Want social presence? Our social team can understand your business objectives and build a social strategy around it. We will manage Facebook, When customers inquire about your products we will send you an alert. You can talk to the customers and convert the lead into sales.

One window Solution

If you are eCanuks customer, then all your needs will be served here. From buying a domain,to designing your logo to building your website to building social platforms to domain services, we do it all here. One window, one business partner for all your online and social needs.

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